Marketopia Channel Account Manager Training 201

Marketopia Channel Account Manager Training 201

Join Terry Hedden, CEO of Marketopia, for a new approach to partner recruitment and development. This course provides the passion, reasoning and actionable steps you can use to gain a competitive advantage.

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Develop a Better Understanding of the Partner Business

This course provides an advanced exploration of the channel for early and mid-career channel managers. The curriculum targets vendors that prioritize a strong channel team, minimize direct/indirect conflict, and have clear rules of engagement and clear policies for deal protection.

What You’ll Learn:


Become a business advisor for your partners


How to construct a value proposition statement that resonates


Why a partner would adopt a recurring revenue model


Value of strategic partner planning


Leverage the power of global distribution

Modules Covered in This Course

  • Mod 1: Building Partner Value Propositions
  • Mod 2: Building Your Channel Strategy
  • Mod 3: Building Successful Multi-Generational Partnerships
  • Mod 4: The Business of the Partner Business
  • Mod 5: Enabling Our Partner’s Recurring Revenue Model
  • Mod 6: Partner Assessments, Strategic Partner Planning & QBRs
  • Mod 7: Value of Distribution & Marketplaces in the Next Channel Wave


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