Marketopia Channel Account Manager Training 101

Marketopia Channel Account Manager Training 101

Join Terry Hedden, CEO of Marketopia, for a new approach to partner recruitment and development. This course provides the passion, reasoning and actionable steps you can use to gain a competitive advantage in the channel.

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Grow into an Evolved Channel Manager

This Executive Certificate (CAM 101) offers those in channel management roles the opportunity to further develop the skills and knowledge needed to lead initiatives and investments that drive indirect sales revenue. This workshop is designed to give participants the mindset, concepts, knowledge, and skills to grow into a high-performance Channel Manager.

What You’ll Learn:


Effectively identifying partner priorities


How to cope with channel conflict


Better Business Performance With Partners


Structural Components Of Partner Types & Models


The Shifting Dynamics Of Marketing In The Channel

Modules Covered in This Course

  • Mod 1: Know Your Game and The Goal
  • Mod 2: Partner Alignment and Prioritization
  • Mod 3: Understanding and Managing Multiple Channel Partner Models
  • Mod 4: Accelerating Partner Productivity
  • Mod 5: Marketing Through and With Channel Partners
  • Mod 6: Trends In Emerging Technology and Customer Experience


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