Marketopia Certified Business Development Professional Course

Marketopia Certified Business
Development Professional Course

Become a Master of Business Development

Communication is key in building any relationship. The relationships you form with other businesses are no different. As a business development professional, you need great communication skills in everything from listening and relating to asking the right questions.

In this certification series, we’ll provide you with the business development training courses you need to become a talented development professional.

What You’ll Learn:


Prospecting Basics


Increasing Sales


Sales Team Success


Overcoming Cold Calling

Lessons Covered in this Course

  • Sales Process Best Practices
  • Marketing Best Practices
  • Prospecting Basics
  • Increasing Sales
  • Sales Team Success
  • Business Strategy

Sales Process Best Practices: From Lightly Engaged Prospects to Profitable Clients

Take on this Topic

Leveraging Sandler Sales Institute Techniques to Improve Sales Performance

Take on this Topic

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